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   Vanello (Razvan Dumitru Voicu) is a music composer and producer living in Bucharest, Romania.
   His music activity is mostly focused on recreating the electronic sound of the 80s  in his own, unique style.
   He also composes and produces music in various genres starting from chill out to epic/ cinematic music
or from pop, rock, pop-opera to funky & electro.
   When he was just a kid, he used to beat the rhythm in all kind of objects from his room.
   His first full composition was made when he was 15 years old, had no title and it was played entirely on a small keyboard, Casio SA20. Later he revisited the song and called  it "The Little Dreamer", as a tribute of his child dream of making music.
   In 2000, he composed ad produced  his first electronic music album, called "Sideral", inspired by the artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. This was the first music experience Vanello had with using keyboards together with the computer.
    In 2001, some of his songs were used as soundtrack for an university TV documentary about science & technology, that was presented in countries from Europe and Asia.
   His song,"Parisienne Girl", composed and produced  for the italian singer Ryan Paris, entered the prestigious Radio Stad Den Haag Italo Top 100 of All Time. The maxisingle was also released on vinyl by Iventi D'Azurro Records, Holland.
   In 2013, Vanello worked together with UK singer Steven Kimber, for their "SOS FOr LOVe",
released through ZYX Music & charting in Canada’s Eurodance Hits chart,
Club 80's New Generation Italo chart at No. 5 & reached Nr.1 in RM80's New Generation Italo Disco chart.
   In 2015, Vanello collaborated for the song "Vagabondo"with the swedish singer Martin Blix.The song reached Nr.1 for 4 consecutive months in Club 80s New Generation Italo NRG TOP 40.
   In the same year, Vanello released "Essential (Italo & Space) on CD, in fact, a selection of some of his most appreciated spacesynth and italo disco songs. Some of the critics considered this to be the album of the year in spaceysnth & italo disco music style.


   In 2016, Vanello 's remix for Moderno - "My Angel" also reached No.1 in the RMI chart & No.6
in the the Club80’s chart and has since become a Youtube fan favourite.
Also,The hot Italo burner "The King of the Summer" with Steven Kimber was also released
by ZYX Music in 2016 and reached No.2 in the RMI chart.
   In 2016, Vanello shoot together with the  video director Calin Cozma for creating a wonderful video for the song "Pray For Tomorrow', a downtempo, world music song blended with epic and choir sequences , in which  Vanello brings  the concept of universal understanding and tolerance . The message of this song is "Many religions, the same pray"!
   In 2017, Vanello worked together again with Steven Kimber for another release,"Digital Love", which also
 reached No.1 in the RMI chart & number and No.3 in the Music Reloaded Dance Chart. The song release was accompanied by the neon 80’s styled video featured Vanello & Steven in electric dreams together with 2 androids finding love through music.
   One year later, Vanello worked together with german artist  Barry Lane on the project "Journey To The Moon".
Actually, Vanello took the original track Barry made in 1986 and created a whole album as a musical story of a cosmic jurney to the moon and stars, combining the 80's disco sounds and rhythms with atmospheric pads and space effects, an all-in-one mix. The album was released on CD by Vanellomusic in 2018.
   Finally, in 2020, Vanello released his spacesynth music collection CD gathering together his most succesful space melodies on the album,"Planet Synth", a real cosmic journey  using sounds of analogue and digital synthesizers.
   Besides music, Vanello likes audio and video production, advertising, radio, the long walks in nature and ... pizza ! He  believes that if each one of us could bring hapiness to at least one person arround, we  would all live in a better world.
   Vanello is also guided by his already known motto : "Watch the stars, feel the love, live the dream !"

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