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"Connecting on a spiritual, energetic healing level with the audience is what I feel that my own, unique artistic signature truly is."

   Manuela lives in Canada but she's actually coming from Romania.
   When she was only 4 years old, she used to spend lots of time around the home radio listening to various popular artists at the time and dreaming to become a singer oneday.
   She also used to sing in her inner circle, astonishing her family and friends with her angelic, warm and somehow healing voice.
   But, as life is not always a fairytale, she got carried away with worldly living.
Until the magical day of connecting with Vanello and exchanged some plans about recording a few songs together.
   The first chapter of the story is "Leave It All Behind", a space pop song that talks about the inner power to leave the darkness of the past and look into a better and brighter future.
   Manuela's favourite s artists are Vanello, Jean Michel Jarre, TGC, Schiller and the 80's music artists, in general.
   Her official profession is energy medicine healer and besides music, she likes dance, long walks in nature, animals, healing
and planetary healing activism. She's also a convinced vegan and a fan of Tomorrowland movie.



    A very interesting thing about Manuela is that, back in 1995, post a major car accident, her ESP (ExtraSenzorialPerception) channels have been activated. So ever since she has been through countless spiritual and energetic experiences,which will definitely make even more interesting her musical future.


Manuela Green

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