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   Lorissa (by her real name, Laura Andrada Stanca) is a romanian artist currently living in Bucharest.
   She started singing when she was 10 years old, being passionated of home karaoke.
   During the college years, she took music canto courses at The Students Culture House of Bucharest, under the guidance of her teacher, Bebe Astur.
   In terms of music styles, Lorissa prefers pop rock, popdance, metal symphonic and classical music and her favourite artists are Ava Max, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Mira, Elena Gheorghe, Dj Project and Smiley.
   Besides music, she loves to shop, cooking, bike riding and mountain hikes.
   She also has an official profession as a PC operator and writer.
   Her favourite food are the mint lentil soup and chicken stew and she's a fervent fan of "Mr.Bean in Holliday" movie.

   The quote that represents her the most is coming from Emil Cioran and it goes like this:

"If we didn't have a soul, music would have created for us".
   In 2020, she started working with Vanellomusic for releasing her first song and that's how "Invincibili" was born, a song in romanian language that talks about love, hope and the power to move forward to the path of winners, together forever, invincibles.

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