Listening to Music

    Music is  your passion since  ever but... you had to work in another field?
   Do you have musical ideas but don't have the time or technical knowledge to turn them into complete songs?
      Do you want to make a change and do more for your soul?
      Life is too short to hold on to your wishes !
      Let the music restore your balance and enjoy your soul !
       Now you can have your own songs to show to your loved ones or the whole world.

       At Vanellomusic, we are looking for talented amateur musicians !
     We listen to you, guide you and help you to fulfill your dream of singing.
      Step by step, together, we will turn your ideas into complete songs or we 'll propose songs that suit you.
     In addition, we design an artistic identity and promote you on our online channels (website, youtube, facebook, instagram),
      We organize photo and video sessions, produce and publish CDs with your songs or propose music for radio stations and record companies.
     Because, at Vanellomusic, music means, first and foremost, passion and fun.
       We are waiting for you in the gang!

We are looking for artists !

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