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Eugen Voicu

   Eugen is a baryton living now in Montreal, Canada but his native country is Romania. He studied canto music at the National University of Music from Bucharest and was a solist at The National Opera of Bucharest. During his musical career, due to his amazing, special , warm barytonal voice, Eugen won prizes of many  Canto Contests form Romania, such as Ionel Perlea, Haricleea Darclee, George Enescu and Montserat Caballe.
   He also studied piano and flute and sanged into church choruses.
   Eugen is a big fan of Luciano Pavarotti and Franco Corelli.
   Besides music, he likes to drive buses, to discover the nature and his guilty pleasure is chocolate.
    The first big collaboration with his brother, Razvan Dumitru Voicu, turned into a beautiful song about fighting the distancing and creating a bound for eternity.


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