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DJ Con-T

   DJ CON-T is a spacesynth project by  polish artist Tomasz Oleszko.Tomasz has been interested in music since he was a child and during the 90"s he worked as a professional  DJ  in local discos and music clubs from Poland.
   DJ CON-T musical debut was in 2014 with a track,"Bizarre Love Triangle ", from the repertoire of the New Order group. His Inspiration for creating  music were  artists like Laser Dance,Koto,Rygar, Proxyon. DJ CON-T describes his music  as a mixture of Italo Disco and Synthesizer Dance Music,.
   Starting 2018 he creates music for Italo Box Music label.
He made a remix for Sky Van Dreamer 's song ,"Race In Stars" and he released the singles songs "Space Warriors"  and " Time Zone", which were very successful. Currently, he colaborates with Italo Disco / Spacesynth artists like : Sky Van Dreamer , Future Synth  , Phobotrax , Synth Elements , Laserdance Remix Team , Holomatrix , Italo4ever Neo Romantic  , Atomic Space Orchestra , Black Hole, Cyberman  , The Real Parakeet , Synthesis , Mind Vision and Paralyze ( Johan Koskela ) .
    Tomasz worked  with Vanellomusic for releasing a remix which is included on Dj Con-T 's  new album ,"Space Adventure", ZYX Spacesynth Collection vol. 6 and Vanello's  album "Planet Synth", all of them released on CD format.

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