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Candy Apple blue

   Candy Apple Blue is an American two-piece synth-pop band consisting of sibling songwriting & music production team Carly & Hoyt Emerick.
   The musical duo has made waves in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania music scene with their local hit songs and YouTube music videos "Graveyard", "The Bed Is Cold", "You Turn Me On (ft. Daveo Falaveo)", "Let's Dance All Night (ft. Nick Bramlett)", "Awakening (with Juno Dreams)", "Let's Get Something Started (ft. Alaska Thunderfuck)", and "Dancing in the Shadows (ft. Barry Brayleo)". 
   Candy Apple Blue has also found succes as songwriters openning the tracks “Between Love & Goodbye” & “I Won’t Say Adieu” (from the Logo TV hit film "Between Love and Goodbye") as well as SIRPAUL's “Going Down In La-La Land” which was used in and written for the feature film of the same title. Carly Emerick, of the band, also penned the track "Just Can't Stop My Heart" for Australian singer Peter Wilson. 
   Candy Apple Blue continue on their own musical journey as a synth-pop band. Being songwriters at heart, they also work with both up-and-coming & established artists. Their mission is to continue to write, record and produce exciting new music.

   In 2022, Candy Apple Blue teamed up with Vanello for creating a  fresh remix makeover to their song  "Midnight Hour", which talks about about the end of the world. Its dark lyrical subject matter mirrors the uncertain times that we all live in. It's about global warming, it's about mother nature, it's about karma, and it's about the wicked things that men do for profit. This brand new italo-disco remix by Vanello is dark, haunting and full of 80s nostalgia! 

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